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POLISCI 347A: Games Developing Nations Play (ECON 162, POLISCI 247A)

PUBLPOL 135: Regional Politics and Decision Making in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area

PUBLPOL 154: Politics and Policy in California

PUBLPOL 156: Health Care Policy and Reform (HUMBIO 122A)

PUBLPOL 174: The Urban Economy (URBANST 173)

PUBLPOL 203E: Ethics on the Edge Public Policy Core Seminar (PUBLPOL 103E)

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PUBLPOL 232: The Politics of Policy Making (PUBLPOL 132)

PUBLPOL 234: Ethics on the Edge: Business, Non-Profit Organizations, Government, and Individuals (PUBLPOL 134)

PUBLPOL 238: Wise Interventions (PSYCH 138, PSYCH 238)

PUBLPOL 242: Design Thinking for Public Policy Innovators

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