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COMM 277C: Specialized Writing and Reporting: Health and Science Journalism (COMM 177C, EARTHSYS 177C, EARTHSYS 277C)

COMM 277D: Specialized Writing and Reporting: Narrative Journalism (COMM 177D)

COMM 277I: Investigative Watchdog Reporting (COMM 177I)

COMM 277P: Programming in Journalism (COMM 177P)

COMM 277S: Specialized Writing and Reporting: Sports Journalism (COMM 177S)

COMM 277T: Building News Applications (COMM 177T)

COMM 277Y: Specialized Writing and Reporting: Foreign Correspondence (COMM 177Y)

COMM 279: News Reporting & Writing Fundamentals

COMM 280: Virtual Reality Journalism in the Public Sphere

COMM 281: Exploring Computational Journalism (CS 206)

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