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CHPR 130: Human Nutrition (HUMBIO 130)

CHPR 199: Undergraduate Research

CHPR 200: SPRC/GMD Research Seminar

CHPR 222: CHPR Professional Development and Career Planning

CHPR 230: Sexual Function and Diversity in Medical Disciplines (FEMGEN 230, FEMGEN 230X, SOMGEN 230)

CHPR 247: Methods in Community Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (MED 147, MED 247)

CHPR 270: Prevention Across Surgical and Other Medical Disciplines

CHPR 274B: A Case Based Approach to Clinical Genetics (GENE 274B)

CHPR 278: Prenatal Genetic Counseling (GENE 278)

CHPR 279: Pediatric and Adult Genetic Counseling (GENE 279)

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