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CHINLANG 2: First-Year Modern Chinese, Second Quarter

Continuation of CHINLANG 1. Daily sections may be set at the beginning of the quarter to suit schedule requirements.Prerequisite: placement test, CHINLANG 1.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 5

CHINLANG 2A: Accelerated First Year Chinese course, part 2

Continuation of CHINLANG 1 or 1A. For students with previous knowledge of Chinese. Practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Further development of socially and culturally appropriate proficiency in interpersonal, interpretive and presentational spheres.Prerequisites: CHINLANG 1or 1A , or Placement Test. Fulfills the University Foreign Language Requirement
Last offered: Summer 2019 | UG Reqs: Language

CHINLANG 2B: First-Year Modern Chinese for Bilingual Students, Second Quarter

Continuation of Chinlang1B. The course continues to introduces a functional vocabulary and grammatical structures through culturally related topics in order to enhance the students literacy and communicative competence. Prerequisite: Placement Test, CHINLANG 1B.
Terms: Win | Units: 3
Instructors: Lin, N. (PI)
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