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CHILATST 13SL: Second-Year Spanish: Emphasis on Service Learning, Third Quarter (SPANLANG 13SL)

CHILATST 164: Immigration and the Changing United States (CSRE 164, SOC 164, SOC 264)

CHILATST 171: Mexicans in the United States (AMSTUD 271, CSRE 171H, HISTORY 271)

CHILATST 177C: Well-Being in Immigrant Children & Youth: A Service Learning Course (CSRE 177G, EDUC 177C)

CHILATST 183X: Practicum in English-Spanish School & Community Interpreting (EDUC 183X, EDUC 283X)

CHILATST 198: Internship for Public Service (CSRE 198)

CHILATST 200R: Directed Research

CHILATST 200W: Directed Reading

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