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CEE 209S: Disaster Resilience Seminar

CEE 218X: Shaping the Future of the Bay Area (CEE 118X, ESS 118X, ESS 218X, GEOLSCI 118X, GEOLSCI 218X, GEOPHYS 118X, GEOPHYS 218X, POLISCI 224X, PUBLPOL 118X)

CEE 220A: Building Modeling for Design & Construction (CEE 120A)

CEE 220S: Building Information Modeling Special Study (CEE 120S)

CEE 224A: Design and Operation of Integrated Infrastructure Systems

CEE 224X: Shaping the Future of the Bay Area (CEE 124X)

CEE 226: Life Cycle Assessment for Complex Systems

CEE 234B: Intermediate Arch Studio (CEE 134B)

CEE 239: Design Portfolio Methods (CEE 139)

CEE 240: Project Assessment and Budgeting

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