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CEE 120A: Building Modeling for Design & Construction (CEE 220A)

CEE 124: Sustainable Development Studio

CEE 130: Architectural Design: 3-D Modeling, Methodology, and Process

CEE 130R: Racial Equity in Energy (CEE 330)

CEE 139: Design Portfolio Methods (CEE 239)

CEE 141A: Infrastructure Project Development (CEE 241A)

CEE 146S: Engineering Economics and Sustainability (ENGR 60)

CEE 151A: Race in Science (AFRICAAM 51A, COMM 51A, CSRE 51A, HUMBIO 71A, STS 51A)

CEE 154: Data Analytics for Physical Systems (CEE 254)

CEE 157: Sustainable Finance and Investment Seminar (CEE 257)

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