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BIOMEDIN 156: Economics of Health and Medical Care (BIOMEDIN 256, ECON 126, HRP 256)

BIOMEDIN 201: Biomedical Informatics Student Seminar

BIOMEDIN 205: Precision Practice with Big Data

BIOMEDIN 207: Seminar: Health IT in Care Delivery systems

BIOMEDIN 208: Clinical Informatics Literature Review Seminar

BIOMEDIN 210: Modeling Biomedical Systems: Ontology, Terminology, Problem Solving (CS 270)

BIOMEDIN 212: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics Research Methodology (BIOE 212, CS 272, GENE 212)

BIOMEDIN 214: Representations and Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology (BIOE 214, CS 274, GENE 214)

BIOMEDIN 215: Data Driven Medicine

BIOMEDIN 216: Representations and Algorithms for Molecular Biology: Lectures

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