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BIOE 273: Biodesign for Digital Health (MED 273)

BIOE 279: Computational Biology: Structure and Organization of Biomolecules and Cells (BIOMEDIN 279, BIOPHYS 279, CME 279, CS 279)

BIOE 283: Mechanotransduction in Cells and Tissues (BIOPHYS 244, ME 244)

BIOE 291: Principles and Practice of Optogenetics for Optical Control of Biological Tissues

BIOE 300B: Quantitative Physiology

BIOE 301A: Molecular and Cellular Engineering Lab

BIOE 361: Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine (MATSCI 381)

BIOE 371: Global Biodesign: Medical Technology in an International Context (MED 271)

BIOE 376: Startup Garage: Design

BIOE 385: Biomaterials for Drug Delivery (MATSCI 385)

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