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BIO 199: Undergraduate Research

Individual research taken by arrangement with in-department instructors. See http://biohonors.stanford.edu for information on research sponsors, units, and credit for summer research. May be repeated for credit.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable 15 times (up to 60 units total)

BIO 199W: Senior Honors Thesis: How to Effectively Write About Scientific Research

The goal of this class is to train students in effective scientific communication. It is designed to serve students working on their senior honors research to help facilitate the completion of their honors thesis. Topics covered will include elevator pitches, creating and improving the sections of the thesis, oral presentations and posters in the context of students individual research projects. Emphasis will be on building and practicing the skills for 1) completing your thesis, poster and presentations and 2) gaining a conceptual understanding of effective scientific writing and communication that will be applicable more broadly. Satisfies the WIM requirement in Biology.
Terms: Win | Units: 3

BIO 199X: Out-of-Department Undergraduate Research

Individual research by arrangement with out-of-department instructors. Credit for 199X is restricted to declared Biology majors and requires department approval. See https://biology.stanford.edu/academics/undergraduate-research/research for information on research sponsors, units, petitions, deadlines, credit for summer research, and out-of-Stanford research. May be repeated for credit.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable 15 times (up to 60 units total)
Instructors: Andrews, J. (PI) ; Appel, E. (PI) ; Artandi, S. (PI) ; Barres, B. (PI) ; Beachy, P. (PI) ; Bergmann, D. (PI) ; Bertozzi, C. (PI) ; Bhalla, V. (PI) ; Bhutani, N. (PI) ; Bintu, L. (PI) ; Blau, H. (PI) ; Blish, C. (PI) ; Block, B. (PI) ; Block, S. (PI) ; Brunet, A. (PI) ; Chang, H. (PI) ; Chen, L. (PI) ; Chen, X. (PI) ; Cheng, A. (PI) ; Chu, S. (PI) ; Clandinin, T. (PI) ; Crowder, L. (PI) ; Cui, B. (PI) ; Cyert, M. (PI) ; Daily, G. (PI) ; Darian-Smith, C. (PI) ; Davis, M. (PI) ; Deisseroth, K. (PI) ; Demirci, U. (PI) ; Denny, M. (PI) ; Dirzo, R. (PI) ; Dixon, S. (PI) ; Du Bois, J. (PI) ; Dunbar, R. (PI) ; Egan, E. (PI) ; Ehrlich, P. (PI) ; Exposito-Alonso, M. (PI) ; Feldman, M. (PI) ; Felsher, D. (PI) ; Fernald, R. (PI) ; Field, C. (PI) ; Fire, A. (PI) ; Fraser, H. (PI) ; Frydman, J. (PI) ; Fuller, M. (PI) ; Garcia, C. (PI) ; George, P. (PI) ; Gifford, C. (PI) ; Gilly, W. (PI) ; Giocomo, L. (PI) ; Gordon, D. (PI) ; Gotlib, I. (PI) ; Gozani, O. (PI) ; Graves, E. (PI) ; Gurtner, G. (PI) ; Hadly, E. (PI) ; Hallmayer, J. (PI) ; Hanawalt, P. (PI) ; Heifets, B. (PI) ; Heller, H. (PI) ; Heller, S. (PI) ; Helms, J. (PI) ; Hiesinger, W. (PI) ; Jarosz, D. (PI) ; Jeffrey, S. (PI) ; Jones, P. (PI) ; Khavari, P. (PI) ; Khosla, C. (PI) ; Kim, P. (PI) ; Kim, S. (PI) ; Kirkegaard, K. (PI) ; Knutson, B. (PI) ; Kopito, R. (PI) ; Kuo, C. (PI) ; Kuo, C. (PI) ; Levitt, M. (PI) ; Li, L. (PI) ; Long, J. (PI) ; Long, S. (PI) ; Longaker, M. (PI) ; Lowe, C. (PI) ; Luby, S. (PI) ; Luo, L. (PI) ; MacIver, M. (PI) ; Mackall, C. (PI) ; Madison, D. (PI) ; Majeti, R. (PI) ; Malenka, R. (PI) ; Martinez, O. (PI) ; McConnell, S. (PI) ; Micheli, F. (PI) ; Mochly-Rosen, D. (PI) ; Monack, D. (PI) ; Monje-Deisseroth, M. (PI) ; Morrison, A. (PI) ; Mudgett, M. (PI) ; Nadeau, K. (PI) ; Napel, S. (PI) ; Negrin, R. (PI) ; Nelson, W. (PI) ; Newman, A. (PI) ; O'Brien, L. (PI) ; Oro, A. (PI) ; Palmer, T. (PI) ; Palumbi, S. (PI) ; Pasca, S. (PI) ; Petrov, D. (PI) ; Pitteri, S. (PI) ; Plant, G. (PI) ; Pollack, J. (PI) ; Porteus, M. (PI) ; Prince, D. (PI) ; Pringle, J. (PI) ; Pritchard, J. (PI) ; Puglisi, J. (PI) ; Qi, S. (PI) ; Quertermous, T. (PI) ; Raymond, J. (PI) ; Red-Horse, K. (PI) ; Reiss, A. (PI) ; Relman, D. (PI) ; Rohatgi, R. (PI) ; Sage, J. (PI) ; Sapolsky, R. (PI) ; Schnitzer, M. (PI) ; Schuele, B. (PI) ; Shamloo, M. (PI) ; Sharaf, N. (PI) ; Shatz, C. (PI) ; Shen, K. (PI) ; Simon, M. (PI) ; Skotheim, J. (PI) ; Snyder, M. (PI) ; Soltesz, I. (PI) ; Stearns, T. (PI) ; Steinberg, G. (PI) ; Stevenson, D. (PI) ; Stoyanova, T. (PI) ; Straight, A. (PI) ; Sudhof, T. (PI) ; Tawfik, V. (PI) ; Thompson, S. (PI) ; Ting, A. (PI) ; Tuljapurkar, S. (PI) ; Utz, P. (PI) ; Vitousek, P. (PI) ; Walbot, V. (PI) ; Wang, K. (PI) ; Waymouth, R. (PI) ; Weissman, I. (PI) ; Wu, J. (PI) ; Wyss-Coray, T. (PI) ; Zhao, H. (PI)
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