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ARTSTUDI 360B: Design Masters Project II

This two part graduate level seminar and studio course is required for second year JPD MFA students, and open to second year JPD ME students and all MFA art practice students. In this second quarter of the course, students will refine and expand one of their assignments from Sites/Situations I to create a completed site-specific installation, intervention, or product/object, which provokes discussion or change in our community. Works will be realized at various sites around campus, or in the community at large. Issues such as budget, public safety and code will be addressed. Time will be allotted for documentation, critique, and assessment of these projects.
Last offered: Winter 2017 | Repeatable 2 times (up to 8 units total)

ARTSTUDI 360C: Master's Project: Design

Students enroll concurrently in ME 316. Over the course of the year, students create and present two master's theses involving the synthesis of aesthetics and technological concerns in the service of human need and possibility.
Last offered: Spring 2012 | Repeatable 2 times (up to 8 units total)

ARTSTUDI 361: MFA First Year Seminar: Context

Last offered: Spring 2015

ARTSTUDI 390: Curricular Practical Training

CPT course required for international students completing degree.
Terms: Sum | Units: 1-3

ARTSTUDI 801: TGR Project

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 0 | Repeatable for credit
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