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ANTHRO 96: Directed Individual Study

ANTHRO 97: Internship in Anthropology

ANTHRO 100D: Chavin de Huantar Research |Seminar (ARCHLGY 100D)

ANTHRO 110: Environmental Archaeology (ANTHRO 210, ARCHLGY 110)

ANTHRO 114: Prehistoric Stone Tools: Technology and Analysis (ANTHRO 214, ARCHLGY 114)

ANTHRO 118: Heritage, Environment, and Sovereignty in Hawaii (EARTHSYS 118)

ANTHRO 118B: Heritage, Environment, and Sovereignty in Hawaii Seminar

ANTHRO 126: Urban Culture in Global Perspective (URBANST 114)

ANTHRO 129A: Photography and Anthropology (ARTHIST 159A)

ANTHRO 130E: GIS, Archaeological Evaluation, Impact Assessment, and Site Management (ANTHRO 230E, ARCHLGY 130E)

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