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AA 199: Independent Study in Aero/Astro

Directed reading, lab, or theoretical work for undergraduate students. Consult faculty in area of interest for appropriate topics involving one of the graduate research groups or other special projects. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-5 | Repeatable for credit

AA 200: Applied Aerodynamics

Terms: Win | Units: 3

AA 201A: Fundamentals of Acoustics

Acoustic equations for a stationary homogeneous fluid; wave equation; plane, spherical, and cylindrical waves; harmonic (monochromatic) waves; simple sound radiators; reflection and transmission of sound at interfaces between different media; multipole analysis of sound radiation; Kirchoff integral representation; scattering and diffraction of sound; propagation through ducts (dispersion, attenuation, group velocity); sound in enclosed regions (reverberation, absorption, and dispersion); radiation from moving sources; propagation in the atmosphere and underwater. Prerequisite: first-year graduate standing in engineering, mathematics, sciences; or consent of instructor.
Last offered: Spring 2016

AA 201B: Topics in Aeroacoustics

Acoustic equations for moving medium, simple sources, Kirchhoff formula, and multipole representation; radiation from moving sources; acoustic analogy approach to sound generation in compact flows; theories of Lighthill, Powell, and Mohring; acoustic radiation from moving surfaces; theories of Curl, Ffowcs Williams, and Hawkings; application of acoustic theories to the noise from propulsive jets, and airframe and rotor noise; computational methods for acoustics. Prerequisite: 201A or consent of instructor.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3

AA 203: Introduction to Optimal Control and Dynamic Optimization

Basic solution techniques for optimal control and dynamic optimization problems. Dynamic programming, calculus of variations, and numerical techniques for trajectory optimization. Special cases (chiefly LQR and robotic motion planning); modern solution approaches (such as MPC and MILP); and introduction to stochastic optimal control. Examples in MATLAB and CVX.
Terms: Spr | Units: 3

AA 206: Bio-Aerodynamics

Topics: flapping flight, low Reynolds number aerodynamics, wing design, flocks, swarms, and dynamic soaring. Readings from current and historical literature dealing with theoretical and observational studies. Applications in aircraft design, and simulation-based problem sets. Prerequisite: course in aerodynamics such as 100, 200A, or 241A.
Last offered: Autumn 2005

AA 208: Aerodynamics of Aircraft Dynamic Response and Stability

Companion to 200A for those interested in control and guidance. Typical vehicles and the technical tradeoffs affecting their design. Equations of motion, stressing applications to dynamic performance, stability, and forced response. Forms and sources for the required aerodynamic data. Response to small disturbances and stability derivatives. Static stability and trim. Review of aerodynamic fundamentals, leading to airload predictions for wings, bodies, and complete aircraft. Paneling and other methods for derivative estimation. Natural motions of the aircraft, and the influence on them of various configuration parameters. Vehicle behavior in maneuvers of small and large amplitudes. Prerequisites: 200A, 210A, or equivalents (may be taken concurrently).
Last offered: Spring 2002

AA 210A: Fundamentals of Compressible Flow

Topics: development of the three-dimensional, non-steady, field equations for describing the motion of a viscous, compressible fluid; differential and integral forms of the equations; constitutive equations for a compressible fluid; the entropy equation; compressible boundary layers; area-averaged equations for one-dimensional steady flow; shock waves; channel flow with heat addition and friction; flow in nozzles and inlets; oblique shock waves; Prandtl-Meyer expansion; unsteady one-dimensional flow; the shock tube; small disturbance theory; acoustics in one-dimension; steady flow in two-dimensions; potential flow; linearized potential flow; lift and drag of thin airfoils. Prerequisites: undergraduate background in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.
Terms: Aut | Units: 3

AA 210B: Fundamentals of Compressible Flow

Continuation of 210A with emphasis on more general flow geometry. Use of exact solutions to explore the hypersonic limit. Identification of similarity parameters. Solution methods for the linearized potential equation with applications to wings and bodies in steady flow; their relation to physical acoustics and wave motion in nonsteady flow. Nonlinear solutions for nonsteady constant area flow and introduction to Riemann invariants. Elements of the theory of characteristics; nozzle design; extension to nonisentropic flow. Real gas effects in compressible flow. Flows in various gas dynamic testing facilities. Prerequisite: 210A.
Last offered: Spring 2011

AA 212: Advanced Feedback Control Design

Analysis and design techniques for multivariable feedback systems. State-space concepts, observability, controllability, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, stability, and canonical representations. Approaches for robust feedback control design, chiefly H2, H-infinity, and mu-synthesis. System identification and adaptive control design. Use of computer-aided design with MATLAB. Prerequisite: ENGR 105, ENGR 205. Recommended: Linear algebra ( EE 263 or equivalent).
Terms: Aut | Units: 3
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