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AMSTUD 10SC: A Strange Land: Edward Hopper's Paintings of America (ARTHIST 11SC)

ANTHRO 12SC: Parks and Peoples: Dilemmas of Protected Area Conservation in East Africa (HUMBIO 19SC)

ARABLANG 10SC: Arabic in America: Culture and People

ARTHIST 11SC: A Strange Land: Edward Hopper's Paintings of America (AMSTUD 10SC)

BIO 10SC: Natural History, Marine Biology, and Research

CEE 17SC: Water and Power in the Pacific Northwest: The Columbia River (EARTHSYS 16SC, ENERGY 12SC, POLISCI 14SC)

CHEMENG 12SC: An Exploration of Art Materials: The Intersection of Art and Science

CHINA 10SC: The Cult of Happiness: Pursuing the Good Life in America and China

COMPMED 11SC: Life in the Zoo: Behavior, Welfare and Enrichment

CSRE 10SC: Inequality and Poverty in the United States (SOC 11SC)

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