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BIOC 226: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Biochemistry: Single Molecule Biophysics to Clinical Outcomes

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IPS 201: Managing Global Complexity

IPS 202: Topics in International Macroeconomics

IPS 203: Issues in International Economics

IPS 204A: Microeconomics (PUBLPOL 301A)

IPS 204B: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Evaluation (PUBLPOL 301B)

IPS 207: Governance, Corruption, and Development

IPS 208: Justice (ETHICSOC 171, PHIL 171, PHIL 271, POLISCI 3P, POLISCI 136S, POLISCI 336S, PUBLPOL 103C, PUBLPOL 307)

IPS 211: The Transition from War to Peace: Peacebuilding Strategies

IPS 221: International Political Economy and International Organizations: Theory and Practice (POLISCI 214G)

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