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CEE 70: Environmental Science and Technology (ENGR 90)

CEE 70N: Water, Public Health, and Engineering

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CEE 80N: Engineering the Built Environment: An Introduction to Structural Engineering

CEE 118X: Shaping the Future of the Bay Area (CEE 218X, ESS 118X, ESS 218X, GEOLSCI 118X, GEOLSCI 218X, GEOPHYS 118X, GEOPHYS 218X, POLISCI 224X, PUBLPOL 118X)

CEE 176B: 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage for Everything (CEE 276B)

CEE 178: Introduction to Human Exposure Analysis (CEE 276)

CHEM 134: Instrumental Analysis Principles and Practice

CHEMENG 20: Introduction to Chemical Engineering (ENGR 20)

CHEMENG 60Q: Environmental Regulation and Policy

CHEMENG 70Q: Masters of Disaster

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