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PUBLPOL 156: Health Care Policy and Reform (HUMBIO 122A)

PUBLPOL 177: Philosophy of Public Policy (ETHICSOC 175X, PHIL 175B, PHIL 275B, POLISCI 135E, POLISCI 235E)

PUBLPOL 198: Directed Readings in Public Policy

PUBLPOL 199: Senior Research

PUBLPOL 200A: Senior Practicum

PUBLPOL 200H: Senior Honors Seminar

PUBLPOL 224: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab (SE Lab) - Global & Planetary Health (HRP 224, MED 224)

PUBLPOL 298: Directed Readings in Public Policy

PUBLPOL 301A: Microeconomics for Policy (INTLPOL 204A, PUBLPOL 51)

PUBLPOL 302A: Introduction to American Law (AMSTUD 179, POLISCI 122)

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