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GERMAN 109: The End of Europe (as we know it) - Germany and the Future of the European Union

GERMAN 116: Writing About Germany: New Topics, New Genres

GERMAN 121: Why So Serious? German Earnestness and its Cultural Origin

GERMAN 130N: Nobel Prize Winners in German Literature

GERMAN 132: Dynasties, Dictators and Democrats: History and Politics in Germany (COMPLIT 132A)

GERMAN 151: Social Market Economy: Facing Globalization and Digitization (GERMAN 351, PUBLPOL 161, PUBLPOL 261)

GERMAN 191: German Capstone Project

GERMAN 199: Individual Work

GERMAN 208: Medieval Sensory Experience (DLCL 208)

GERMAN 232: German Literature 3: Modernity and the Unspeakable (GERMAN 332)

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