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LEAD 95: Ensemble Leadership

This experiential course allows students to grow as leaders through immersion in leadership positions in the Stanford Band. Study and implement frameworks and tools that enhance leadership and team performance. Topics covered include traditional leadership and governance concepts, as well as approaches specifically effective in music ensembles.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 1-2 | Repeatable 8 times (up to 24 units total)
Instructors: Gavin, R. (PI)

LEAD 103: Living on Purpose (WELLNESS 123)

Explore the art and science of purpose-finding as it relates to living a more flourishing life at Stanford and beyond. Investigate the contemplative, psychological, social, and communal factors that deepen meaning-making, support authenticity, and encourage living more purposefully. Drawing from disciplines as diverse as art, storytelling, design, and positive psychology, create and utilize tools that promote wellbeing. Highly interactive course employs creative expression, group and individual activities, discussions, lectures, and mini-field trips to reflect on fundamental human questions in pragmatic ways.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 2

LEAD 104: Tools for Meaningful Communities (LIFE 104)

How can we live together and honor both difference and belonging? How do we create community amidst divisiveness and the existential threats of climate change, oppression of marginalized peoples, and our disconnection from ourselves and each other? We are inherently relational and have the potential to heal, flourish, and lead. Leadership and changemaking must be rooted in a commitment to deep inner work that cultivates wellbeing, insight, and wisdom. Inner work radiates outward to shape the systems that create and sustain our societies. In this class, grounded in your experiences at Stanford, you will cultivate skills and tools to enhance your intrapersonal, interpersonal and extrapersonal capacities to enact change for yourself and others. Working in teams, you will learn about and practice building community through the application of interdisciplinary frameworks that provide multiple perspectives on the transformation of the self, our relations with each other, our communities, and societal systems.
Terms: Win | Units: 3 | UG Reqs: WAY-CE, WAY-EDP

LEAD 105: Art of Facilitation: Understanding Group Dynamics and Creating Positive Spaces

Develop your facilitation and leadership skills to maximize team performance and effectiveness. Learn skills for building high functioning teams and navigating challenging group dynamics.Through experiential learning activities, including utilizing Stanford's low ropes team development course, you will test and refine your skills through continuous feedback practices and reflection.
Terms: Win | Units: 1

LEAD 106: Spiritual Wellbeing and Religious Encounter (WELLNESS 106)

In this experiential class, students will engage in meaningful, spiritual dialogue and religious encounter with one another. This class introduces students to models of spiritual wellness from different religious traditions, fosters dialogue across differences and helps students explore ways to nurture meaning and purpose in their daily lives. Students will gain religious literacy, skills, and knowledge to enable them to wrestle with life's ultimate religious and spiritual questions through readings, facilitated discussions, and breakout sessions. Questions such as: When does spiritual wellness and religious practice converge or diverge? How do I dialogue with people who belong to religious (and non-religious) traditions different from my own? What is pluralism and how do we protect it from prejudice?nnIt is not expected that participants will be adherants of or have expertise in religious practices and traditions or background in religious scholarship. Dr. Amina Darwish will be joined by Rabbi Hahn Tapper and Dean Steinwert as well as other faith leaders.
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 1 | Repeatable 3 times (up to 3 units total)

LEAD 111: Luminaries and Changemakers: Life Lessons & Conversations with Extraordinary Leaders

Encounter luminaries and changemakers in the fields of leadership, business, social innovation, and change-making ranging from noted entrepreneurs and CEOs to social change agents, artists, and activists who are committed to enhancing individual and collective flourishing. Survey course format emphasizes direct, personal interactions with a broad variety of global luminaries and changemakers in order to understand their particular approaches and learn insights from their experiences. Engage at levels of theory and practice in order to emerge your own vision of leadership and changemaking, increase your leadership toolkit, and enhance your capacity to make meaningful impact. Specific topics evolve quarter-to-quarter based on the group of luminaries co-creating and lecturing in the course with the instructor/s. See the course notes section for this quarter's line-up of leaders and changemakers.
Last offered: Spring 2021 | Repeatable 2 times (up to 2 units total)

LEAD 121: Peer Support: Creating Spaces for Healing and Growth (WELLNESS 192)

Social support is an integral part of the human experience and a core pillar of human well-being. Explore ways you can be an effective source of support for your peers, using models, skills, and practices rooted in positive psychology, leadership studies and peer coaching. Conceived as a two part process, going inward and engaging outward, you will examine your well-being so you can offer support to others. Through coaching your peers you will help them discover their values, develop meaningful goals, and take steps towards building the life they want. Develop the skills, knowledge, and mindsets needed to be present with your peers when they struggle, feel stuck, and need your support. Cultivate the confidence and abilities needed to be a community leader, well-being champion, and role model for balanced, whole-hearted living at Stanford and beyond. Highly interactive course employs creative expression, group, pair, and individual work, discussions, lectures, and self-guided reflections to support your own well-being and build your capacity to help others enhance theirs.
Terms: Spr | Units: 2

LEAD 123: Foundations of Outdoor Education (OUTDOOR 103)

Explore topics about adventure activity risk assessment, leadership style and values, industry standards, and wilderness equity and inlcusion through class activites, discussions, and reflections. Develop essential skills for individual and group sustainability in a backcountry setting including shelter in outdoor environments, equipment selection and use, travel techniques, water and nutrition needs, planning and preparation, and risk management. Course includes the participation in a weekend backcountry experience.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 2

LEAD 126: Outdoor Leadership Practicum (OUTDOOR 106)

Outdoor education and leadership theory integration through intensive field-based experiences. During these field-based experiences, students will engage with critical self-assessment process to better understand their own levels of competence leading others. Prerequisite: OUTDOOR 103
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 1-2

LEAD 129: Outdoor Educator Apprenticeship (OUTDOOR 119)

This course provides the student an opportunity to lead a multi-day outdoor experiences in an official capacity. Experience includes: outdoor living skills, planning and logistics, leadership, risk management, environmental integration, and education. Students will plan and co-lead field outings. Prerequisites: OUTDOOR 103
Terms: Aut | Units: 1-2
Instructors: Lowley, S. (PI)
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