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ME 103: Product Realization: Design and Making

ME103 will be taught entirely on line. While this has the obvious disadvantage of no physical PR access, we experimented with a recreated version of the course this past spring quarter. On line ME103 delivered excellent educational value. Student response was very positive. The course was a mix of published weekly recorded lectures, small group coaching sessions, a newly developed library of "Technical Notes", and kits of tools and materials given to each student for the purpose of rapid prototyping. We increased emphasis on CAD with good support for Fusion 360 as well as Solid Works. We increased emphasis on manufacturing processes including a redesign of projects assuming scaled manufacturing.
Terms: Aut, Win | Units: 4

ME 103D: Engineering Drawing and Design

Designed to accompany 203. The fundamentals of engineering drawing including orthographic projection, dimensioning, sectioning, exploded and auxiliary views, assembly drawings, and SolidWorks. Homework drawings are of parts fabricated by the student in the lab. Assignments in 203 supported by material in 103D and sequenced on the assumption that the student is enrolled in both courses simultaneously.
Last offered: Spring 2019

ME 129: Manufacturing Processes and Design

ME129 is intended for mechanical engineering juniors who have elected the Product Realization Concentration.nnnME129 will be taught on-line through Zoom and Canvas resources. There will be weekly, recorded presentations, recorded virtual manufacturing field trips, and sessions devoted to coaching, presentation, and discussion. Students will acquire professional level information and experience with properties of materials and manufacturing processes. We will offer information about, and encourage discussion of, environmental sustainability as a unifying theme throughout. Prerequisite: ME102 and ME103, or consent of instructor
Terms: Win | Units: 3

ME 203: Design and Manufacturing

ME203 is intended for any graduate students who may want the opportunity to design and prototype a project of meaning to them. Undergraduate mechanical engineering and product design students should register for ME103.nnnME 203 will be taught on line through ZOOM and Canvas resources. Depending on evolving COVID-19 regulations, students may enjoy limited access to Product Realization Laboratory structured laboratory activities. The course will be organized in two chapters over 10 weeks. Chapter One, DESIGN, will commence with brainstorming, and conclude with a full product design presentation for the creation of a single unit including CAD models, Bill of Materials, and Operations Sequence. Chapter Two, MANUFACURING will commence with redesign for large scale manufacturing and end with a Manufacturing Design Plan including a Design for Manufacturability, a Bill of Materials, a recommendation for Manufacturing Processes, and a Unit Marginal Manufacturing Cost Estimate.
Terms: Aut, Spr | Units: 4

ME 318: Computer-Aided Product Creation

Design course focusing on an integrated suite of computer tools: rapid prototyping, solid modeling, computer-aided machining, and computer numerical control manufacturing. Students choose, design, and manufacture individual products, emphasizing individual design process and computer design tools. Structured lab experiences build a basic CAD/CAM/CNC proficiency. Due to COVID-19 restrictions during AY20-21, in-person use of the Product Realization Lab may be limited or not permitted. In this case class will consist of asynchronous lectures and online coaching meetings and office hours. Limited enrollment. Prerequisite: ME103 or equivalent and consent of instructor. Prerequisite: ME 203 or consent of instructor.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 3-4
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