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JEWISHST 4: What Didn't Make the Bible (CLASSICS 9N, HISTORY 112C, RELIGST 4)

JEWISHST 37Q: Zionism and the Novel (COMPLIT 37Q)

JEWISHST 101A: First-Year Hebrew, First Quarter (AMELANG 128A)

JEWISHST 102A: Second-Year Hebrew, First Quarter (AMELANG 129A)

JEWISHST 104A: First-Year Yiddish, First Quarter (AMELANG 140A)

JEWISHST 115: Understanding Jews (AMSTUD 215)

JEWISHST 200R: Directed Research

JEWISHST 282K: Refugees and Migrants in the Middle East and Balkans: 18th Century to Present (HISTORY 282K, HISTORY 382K)

JEWISHST 302: The Geography of Yiddish Literature (SLAVIC 302)

JEWISHST 385A: Graduate Colloquium in Early Modern Jewish History (HISTORY 385A)

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