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ARTSTUDI 287: Animation II

This course expands upon techniques and storytelling methods learned in Animation I. We continue to survey the field of independent animation primarily through short films and other social digital platforms. As our media consumption is increasingly comprised of videos ranging from a few seconds to 'longer' formats such as 10 minutes, the ability to generate and manipulate sound, image, and time for personal expression is more relevant than ever. This interdisciplinary knowledge is to be expanded upon over a lifetime in settings such as the artists studio and applied fields such as AR/VR and user interfaces. Projects will concentrate on visual style (abstract to representational), storytelling, and personal expression. Emphasis will be placed on storyboarding to produce cohesive visual statements. Experimentation strongly encouraged. This is NOT an Anime class.
Last offered: Summer 2021 | Repeatable 2 times (up to 8 units total)

ARTSTUDI 288: Intermediate Photography: Documentary

The documentary image has constituted a keystone of the photographic medium since the earliest days of its existence. In this class, we approach documentary photography from a contemporary perspective and in a context of active engagement with the world we inhabit. What do the ethics and aesthetics of documenting reality involve in an era when the instant representation of ourselves and our environment has become routine daily procedure? How can today's visual documentarian meet the challenge of creating work that meaningfully and critically relates to the complex global issues and struggles defining the current historical moment? This is an intermediate course in photography, with an ongoing emphasis on operating manual camera settings (focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, color temp/ white balance). Students continue to work with Lightroom as a file management system, are introduced to Photoshop, and focus on the importance of photo editing/selection and sequencing. Prerequisite: ARTSTUDI 170 or ARTSTUDI 171 or ARTSTUDI 173E or equivalent.
Terms: Win | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: WAY-CE
Instructors: porras, t. (PI)

ARTSTUDI 290: Curricular Practical Training

CPT course required for international students completing degree.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-3 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Wight, G. (PI)

ARTSTUDI 295: Visual Arts Internship

Professional experience in a field related to the Visual Arts for six to ten weeks. Internships may include work for galleries, museums, art centers, and art publications. Students arrange the internship, provide a confirmation letter from the hosting institution, and must receive consent from the faculty coordinator to enroll in units. To supplement the internship students maintain a journal. Evaluations from the student and the supervisor, together with the journal, are submitted at the end of the internship. Restricted to declared majors and minors. May be repeated for credit.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-5 | Repeatable 3 times (up to 15 units total)

ARTSTUDI 297: Honors Thesis Exhibition

May be repeated for credit.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 2 | Repeatable 3 times (up to 6 units total)


Led by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Art Practice, the Honors Seminar provides students the opportunity to create projects for the honors exhibition and complete the written thesis under the guidance of faculty advisors, and assisted with MFA mentors as well as guest critiques from art world professionals. It is geared towards developing a professional practice in the field of fine art.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 1-2 | Repeatable 3 times (up to 4 units total)

ARTSTUDI 310A: Directed Reading: Studio

Terms: Aut | Units: 1-15

ARTSTUDI 310B: Directed Reading: Studio

Terms: Win | Units: 1-15

ARTSTUDI 310C: Directed Reading: Studio

Terms: Spr | Units: 1-15

ARTSTUDI 342: MFA Project: Tutorial

Students construct an individual tutorial with an instructor selected from the studio art faculty, including visiting artists. The student must take tutorials with at least three different faculty members during the six-quarter program. Prior approval of advisor is required.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit
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