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GSBGEN 259: MSx: Leading with Values

With leadership comes responsibility. This course explores the numerous ethical issues faced by managers and organizations and provides analytical frameworks as well as the latest findings on human behavior to inform ethical decisions and strategies. Readings involve controversial case studies, insights from experimental psychology and economics, and a brief introduction to some relevant philosophy. Through class exercises, rigorous discussion, and personal reflection, you will clarify your own ethical stance, think through ethical dilemmas, practice articulating recommendations compellingly, discover the diversity of ethical viewpoints, and find out how to avoid the social and cognitive pitfalls that come in the way of ethical leadership.
Terms: Sum | Units: 1
Instructors: Shotts, K. (PI)

GSBGEN 299: The Core Curriculum in the Workplace

GSB students are eligible to report on work experience that is relevant to their core studies under the direction of the Senior Associate Dean responsible for the MBA Program. Registration for this work must be approved by the Assistant Dean of the MBA Program and is limited to students who present a project which, in judgment of the Advisor, may be undertaken to enhance the material learned in the first year core required courses. It is expected that this research be carried on by the student with a large degree of independence and the expected result is a written report, typically due at the end of the quarter in which the course is taken. Specific assignment details and deadline information will be communicated to enrolled students. Units earned for this course do not meet the requirements needed for graduation.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1 | Repeatable 8 times (up to 8 units total)

GSBGEN 390: Individual Research

Need approval from sponsoring faculty member and GSB Registrar.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-4 | Repeatable 4 times (up to 10 units total)
Instructors: Aaker, J. (PI) ; Abbey, D. (PI) ; Abrahams, M. (PI) ; Admati, A. (PI) ; Akbarpour, M. (PI) ; Allende Santa Cruz, C. (PI) ; Alper, B. (PI) ; Andrews, C. (PI) ; Antoni, F. (PI) ; Arrillaga, L. (PI) ; Athey, S. (PI) ; Atwell, J. (PI) ; Bannick, M. (PI) ; Barnett, W. (PI) ; Bayati, M. (PI) ; Begenau, J. (PI) ; Bendor, J. (PI) ; Benkard, L. (PI) ; Berg, J. (PI) ; Berk, J. (PI) ; Bernstein, S. (PI) ; Bettinger, E. (PI) ; Beyer, A. (PI) ; Bimpikis, K. (PI) ; Binsbergen, J. (PI) ; Blankespoor, E. (PI) ; Blattner, L. (PI) ; Brady, S. (PI) ; Brest, P. (PI) ; Bronnenberg, B. (PI) ; Broockman, D. (PI) ; Buchak, G. (PI) ; Bulow, J. (PI) ; Burgelman, R. (PI) ; Callander, S. (PI) ; Carmel-Hurwitz, D. (PI) ; Carroll, G. (PI) ; Carstensen, L. (PI) ; Casey, K. (PI) ; Chess, R. (PI) ; Chin, L. (PI) ; Choi, J. (PI) ; Ciesinski, S. (PI) ; Clement, J. (PI) ; Corney, A. (PI) ; Cox, G. (PI) ; Davis, S. (PI) ; De Simone, L. (PI) ; DeMarzo, P. (PI) ; Demarest, D. (PI) ; Dexter, G. (PI) ; Di Tella, S. (PI) ; Diamond, R. (PI) ; Dobbs, C. (PI) ; Dodson, D. (PI) ; Duffie, D. (PI) ; Dulski, J. (PI) ; Ellis, J. (PI) ; Feinberg, Y. (PI) ; Ferguson, J. (PI) ; Flynn, F. (PI) ; Foarta, D. (PI) ; Foster, G. (PI) ; Francisco, R. (PI) ; Galen, D. (PI) ; Gardete, P. (PI) ; Gelfand, M. (PI) ; Gipper, B. (PI) ; Glickman, M. (PI) ; Goldberg, A. (PI) ; Golden, S. (PI) ; Grenadier, S. (PI) ; Grousbeck, H. (PI) ; Gruenfeld, D. (PI) ; Gur, Y. (PI) ; Guttentag, B. (PI) ; Halevy, N. (PI) ; Harmon, M. (PI) ; Hartmann, W. (PI) ; Hattendorf, L. (PI) ; Hebert, B. (PI) ; Hennessey, K. (PI) ; Hornik, D. (PI) ; Huang, S. (PI) ; Hurley, J. (PI) ; Iancu, D. (PI) ; Imbens, G. (PI) ; Immelt, J. (PI) ; Jha, S. (PI) ; Johnson, S. (PI) ; Jones, C. (PI) ; Joss, R. (PI) ; Kasznik, E. (PI) ; Kasznik, R. (PI) ; Kaval, D. (PI) ; Keelan, H. (PI) ; Kelly, P. (PI) ; Kepler, J. (PI) ; Kessler, D. (PI) ; Kim, J. (PI) ; Kim, Y. (PI) ; Kluger, A. (PI) ; Kosinski, M. (PI) ; Koudijs, P. (PI) ; Kramer, R. (PI) ; Kramon, G. (PI) ; Krehbiel, K. (PI) ; Krishnamurthy, A. (PI) ; Krubert, C. (PI) ; Kupor, S. (PI) ; Lattin, J. (PI) ; Lee, C. (PI) ; Lee, H. (PI) ; Leslie, M. (PI) ; Lester, R. (PI) ; Levav, J. (PI) ; Levin, J. (PI) ; Levine, P. (PI) ; Lion-Transler, C. (PI) ; Lowery, B. (PI) ; Lustig, H. (PI) ; Maggiori, M. (PI) ; Mahowald, C. (PI) ; Malhotra, N. (PI) ; Mandelbaum, F. (PI) ; Marinovic, I. (PI) ; Martin, A. (PI) ; Martin, G. (PI) ; McGonigal, K. (PI) ; McLennan, S. (PI) ; McMaster, H. (PI) ; McNichols, M. (PI) ; McQuade, T. (PI) ; Mendelson, H. (PI) ; Miller, D. (PI) ; Milligan, J. (PI) ; Molina, M. (PI) ; Monin, B. (PI) ; Monsalve, S. (PI) ; Monzon, L. (PI) ; Nair, H. (PI) ; Narayanan, S. (PI) ; Noh, S. (PI) ; O'Reilly, C. (PI) ; Ostrovsky, M. (PI) ; Oyer, P. (PI) ; Parker, G. (PI) ; Patel, H. (PI) ; Peterson, J. (PI) ; Pfeffer, J. (PI) ; Pfleiderer, P. (PI) ; Piotroski, J. (PI) ; Plambeck, E. (PI) ; Ranganathan, A. (PI) ; Rao, H. (PI) ; Rapp, A. (PI) ; Rascoff, M. (PI) ; Rauh, J. (PI) ; Reichelstein, S. (PI) ; Reiss, P. (PI) ; Rice, C. (PI) ; Risk, G. (PI) ; Robles Garcia, C. (PI) ; Rohan, D. (PI) ; Rosen, H. (PI) ; Ross, M. (PI) ; Saban, D. (PI) ; Saloner, G. (PI) ; Sannikov, Y. (PI) ; Schifrin, D. (PI) ; Schulman, K. (PI) ; Seru, A. (PI) ; Shakir, D. (PI) ; Sharabi Levine, Y. (PI) ; Shaw, K. (PI) ; Shiv, B. (PI) ; Shotts, K. (PI) ; Siegel, R. (PI) ; Simonson, I. (PI) ; Singer, S. (PI) ; Singh, H. (PI) ; Singleton, K. (PI) ; Skrzypacz, A. (PI) ; Smith, K. (PI) ; Somaini, P. (PI) ; Sorensen, J. (PI) ; Soule, S. (PI) ; Spiess, J. (PI) ; Sterling, A. (PI) ; Strebulaev, I. (PI) ; Sugaya, T. (PI) ; Thurber, M. (PI) ; Tonetti, C. (PI) ; Tormala, Z. (PI) ; Tully, S. (PI) ; Urstein, R. (PI) ; Vasserman, S. (PI) ; Wager, S. (PI) ; Wallace, C. (PI) ; Weaver, G. (PI) ; Wein, L. (PI) ; Weintraub, G. (PI) ; Westly, S. (PI) ; Whang, S. (PI) ; Wheeler, S. (PI) ; Wood, D. (PI) ; Xu, C. (PI) ; Xu, K. (PI) ; Yurukoglu, A. (PI) ; Zenios, S. (PI) ; Zhong, W. (PI) ; Zwiebel, J. (PI)

GSBGEN 697: Research Fellows Practicum

Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 1-6 | Repeatable 10 times (up to 99 units total)
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