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PSYCH 231: Questionnaire Design for Surveys and Laboratory Experiments: Social and Cognitive Perspectives (COMM 339, POLISCI 421K)

PSYCH 252: Statistical Methods for Behavioral and Social Sciences

PSYCH 264: Unleashing Personal Potential: Behavioral Science and Design Thinking Applied to Self (EDUC 426)

PUBLPOL 224: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab (SE Lab) - Human & Planetary Health (HRP 224, MED 224)

PUBLPOL 234: Ethics on the Edge: Business, Non-Profit Organizations, Government, and Individuals (PUBLPOL 134)

PUBLPOL 268: Global Organizations: The Matrix of Change (PUBLPOL 168, SOC 168, SOC 268)

PUBLPOL 306: Writing and Rhetoric for Policy Audiences

RELIGST 391: Teaching Religious Studies

SOC 258C: Using Data to Describe the World: Descriptive Social Science Research Techniques (EDUC 430C)

SOC 268: Global Organizations: The Matrix of Change (PUBLPOL 168, PUBLPOL 268, SOC 168)

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