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ANTHRO 95: Research in Anthropology

ANTHRO 95B: Independent Study for Honors or Senior Paper Writing

ANTHRO 95C: Monumental Pasts: Cultural Heritage and Politics (ARCHLGY 95)

ANTHRO 96: Directed Individual Study

ANTHRO 97: Internship in Anthropology

ANTHRO 98C: Digital Methods in Anthropology (ANTHRO 298C)

ANTHRO 100D: Chavin de Huantar Research |Seminar (ARCHLGY 100D)

No schedule information

ANTHRO 101A: Archaeology as a Profession (ARCHLGY 107A)

ANTHRO 101S: Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology (ANTHRO 1S)

No schedule information

ANTHRO 102: Mystics and Messiahs: Explorations in Cult Movements

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