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ARTSTUDI 10A: Digital Workshop for Artists

This one-unit pass/fail introductory workshop class is designed for students who are new to working with code and electronics, and will give them the technical background necessary to feel comfortable in digital studio classes such as Embodied Interfaces (162), Drawing with Code (163), Making it With Arduino (130), and other Emerging Media courses. By teaching introductory electronics and programming concepts in a step-by-step, hands-on manner with a focus on creative practice, this workshop class provides an accessible introduction to using electronics in students' own artistic endeavors. Students will learn to program LED strips, read sensors with Arduino, start to code in Processing, and become familiar with methods for connecting all three. Through guided tutorials and creative exploration in class, students will learn a basic skillset for creative practice using electronics and software interfaces, with a focus on skills students can use in their work in future classes. No technical experience required.
Terms: Spr | Units: 1
Instructors: Rawn, E. (PI)

ARTSTUDI 10AX: Filmmaking

Production skills and project development in documentary filmmaking. The fundamentals of filmmaking using digital video production techniques focused on documentary storytelling. Shooting in mini-DV format and editing with Final Cut Pro software, students actualize their ideas in an audiovisual medium from conceptualization through post-production and exhhibition.
Last offered: Autumn 2009

ARTSTUDI 11AX: Digital Art and Design in Practice

Hands-on exploration of art and design using digital tools. Overview of contemporary digital art and design including fine art, graphic design, film, and animation. Analysis of new work in these areas and visits to Bay Area production and artist studios. Demos will focus on 2D and time-based techniques, but students interested in procedural or 3D computer graphic are welcome. Students will complete a multi-part visual project to be included in a final exhibit.
Last offered: Autumn 2011

ARTSTUDI 12AX: Drawing Intensive: Revisiting Nature

As increasing technological advances can further separate us from direct impressions of nature, this class is designed to reconnect and enhance our relationship to the natural world and our surrounding environment. To do this we will develop visual skills and critical thinking through careful observation and classical drawing techniques.nInspired by Stanford's natural and manicured landscapes, students will enjoy the great outdoors while learning elements of perspective, composition, light, and form. Students will learn about master landscape artists, investigate the built and natural environment of the campus, and experiment with various drawing techniques, mediums, and styles.
Last offered: Autumn 2010

ARTSTUDI 13A: Fundamentals of Oil Painting

This course is an introduction to oil painting. Students concentrate primarily on the technical aspects of the medium (i.e. how to paint as opposed to what to paint.) We examine color: how to mix it, how it establishes spatial relationships, light, and shadow. The class progresses through a series of problems designed to develop a sensitivity to paint application and surface quality; as well as to value, composition, volume, light, and space as the necessary elements of recreating perceptual experience. By the end of the course, students are able to apply some sophisticated techniques to visual problem solving. The aim of the course is to demonstrate the mechanical structure of oil painting.
Last offered: Autumn 2013

ARTSTUDI 13AX: Photography

This hands-on course in photography will emphasize the techniques, aesthetics, and conceptual considerations of traditional black and white photography. Students will also explore photography's history and applications as an expressive tool, with the power to communicate ideas and move the viewer.nnThroughout the course, students will master the use of their own manual 35mm camera and process the film themselves in our lab. They will also learn the techniques needed to make quality black and white prints in the darkroom. Students will coordinate an exhibition and present their finest work in a professional manner.
Last offered: Summer 2012

ARTSTUDI 13BX: Narrative Painting For Non-Majors

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of painting using acrylic paints, while simultaneously examining the narrative in visual art. Content for this course will be centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed through self-reflexive, experiential learning that connects our artwork to our personal lives. Formal issues will include the use of color, paint handling, value, and composition. Students will become familiar with the materials through hands-on demonstrations, discussions of historical context for the medium, and in-class critiques. We will also discuss surface preparation, clean-up, and safety. Slide lectures, readings, and a visit to the Cantor museum will enhance studio work time. Drawing background preferred but not required.
Last offered: Winter 2015

ARTSTUDI 14: Drawing for Non-Majors

Functional anatomy and perspective as they apply to problems of drawing the form in space. Individual and group instruction as students work from still life set-ups, nature, and the model. Emphasis is on the development of critical skills and perceptual drawing techniques for those with little or no previous experience with graphite, charcoal, conte, and inks. Lectures alternate with studio work
Last offered: Winter 2015

ARTSTUDI 14AX: Sculpture and the Expanded Field

Sculpture involves space, materials, techniques, and ideas. It is an art of the extraordinary as well as the everyday. No longer tied to architecture, mimesis, or commemorative representation, sculpture now appears in a variety of forms including as installations, collaborations, projections, appropriations, interventions, performances, and experimental projects that address formal concerns as well as issues of identity, historical memory, narrative, economics, the environment, popular culture, technology, globalism, politics, and time. Examples of such ¿expanded¿ sculpture include public art made to attach to buildings or to be given away, inflatable homeless shelters, and wearable art for street demonstrations. The principle area of knowledge addressed in this course involves exploratory learning about the formal, historical, and global dimensions of contemporary sculptural art. Students will work alone or in groups using a range of materials from cardboard to wood, to found objects, social affects, and conceptual ideas.
Last offered: Summer 2013

ARTSTUDI 15AX: Introduction to Sculpture

This course offers a unique and interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary sculpture and art practice with the purpose of enabling artistic creation and discovery. The class will become familiar with traditional and non-traditional techniques through hands on workshops and instruction as well as lectures, visiting artists, and studio visits with working sculptors. There will be three major projects resulting in three complete works of art including a self-guided final project building on techniques and concepts covered in this course.
Last offered: Autumn 2013
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