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INTLPOL 301A: Research Methods and Policy Applications I

This course provides a conceptual and applied introduction to quantitative social sciences methodology. We will discuss the formal statistical formulation and practical applications of techniques of statistical data analysis. Concepts covered include basics of probability, estimation theory, statistical inference, ANOVA, correlation, and regression analysis. Students will gain practical experience analyzing their own data and interpreting results. We will devote substantial time to "learning by doing" using statistics software. Students will use the Stata programming language to learn the basics of programming, generate data, manipulate real-world datasets, and conduct statistical analysis. Core course so enrollment is limited to MIP students
Terms: Aut | Units: 5

INTLPOL 301B: Research Methods and Policy Applications II

We will build on the basic knowledge of statistical methods from the previous quarter to further develop fundamentals for the design, implementation and interpretation of policy-relevant research. We will discuss the statistical formulation and practical applications of linear regression analysis, the assumptions of OLS models, and how to check and address violations of these assumptions. We will consider models for dichotomous and categorical dependent variables including logit and problt regression. We will also discuss specialized topics including causal inference strategies (such as fixed effects, instrumental variables, and regression discontinuity), missing data, and data reduction techniques such as factor analysis. Students will conduct their own empirical research using quantitative analysis. Once again, we will make extensive use of Stata software. Core course so enrollment is limited to MIP students
Terms: Win | Units: 5

PUBLPOL 301B: Economic Policy Analysis for Policymakers (INTLPOL 204B)

This class provides economic and institutional background necessary to conduct policy analysis. We will examine the economic justification for government intervention and illustrate these concepts with applications drawn from different policy contexts. The goal of the course is to provide you with the conceptual foundations and the practical skills and experience you will need to be thoughtful consumers or producers of policy analysis. Prerequisites: ECON 102B or PUBLPOL 303D.
Terms: Spr | Units: 4-5
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