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AFRICAAM 245: Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development (CSRE 245, EDUC 245, PSYCH 245A)

AFRICAAM 269: Black Studies Matter (AFRICAAM 69)

ANTHRO 320A: Race, Ethnicity, and Language: Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Formations (CSRE 389A, EDUC 389A, LINGUIST 253)

ANTHRO 362: Visual Activism and Social Justice

ARTHIST 405A: Graduate Pedagogy

BIO 290: Teaching Practicum in Biology

BIO 291: Development and Teaching of Core Experimental Laboratories

BIOE 273: Biodesign for Digital Health

BIOE 374A: Biodesign Innovation: Needs Finding and Concept Creation (ME 368A, MED 272A)

BIOE 374B: Biodesign Innovation: Concept Development and Implementation (ME 368B, MED 272B)

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