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SOC 111: State and Society in Korea (INTNLREL 143, SOC 211)

SOC 112: Comparative Democratic Development (POLISCI 147)

SOC 114: Economic Sociology (SOC 214)

SOC 117A: China Under Mao (SOC 217A)

SOC 118: Social Movements and Collective Action (SOC 218)

SOC 119: Understanding Large-Scale Societal Change: The Case of the 1960s (SOC 219)

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SOC 120: Interpersonal Relations (SOC 220)

SOC 126: Introduction to Social Networks (SOC 226)

SOC 129X: Urban Education (AFRICAAM 112, CSRE 112X, EDUC 112, EDUC 212, SOC 229X)

No schedule information

SOC 130: Education and Society (EDUC 120C, EDUC 220C, SOC 230)

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