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PWR 1A: Introduction to Writing at Stanford: Rhetorics of Popular Culture

What does popular culture say about the larger culture? PWR 1A uses questions about pop culture -- music, movies, sports-- for writing and researching. How do video games teach engineering and physics? How do detective and courtroom dramas lead to discussions about DNA analysis? We look at pop culture as cultural critics, using ideas about technology, society, and economics to analyze human behavior. We'll study theories about media to research how everyday artifacts are both trashy and poignant signs of our culture. We¿ll write an analytical essay about cultural commentary, learn about library research to explore topics of your choice, and share our research. We¿ll work together as a group to practice collaboration and project-based learning. Enrollment exclusive to incoming Stanford freshman student athletes. PWR1A classes are small, workshop-style meetings that encourage extensive interaction between students and instructors. PWR1A does not meet