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SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology at Stanford

SOC 2: Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology (PSYCH 70)

SOC 8: Sport, Competition, and Society

SOC 11SC: Inequality and Poverty in the United States (CSRE 10SC)

SOC 14N: Inequality in American Society

SOC 17N: Race and Politics: Perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Election (AFRICAAM 17N, CSRE 17N)

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SOC 20N: What counts as "race," and why? (CSRE 20N)

SOC 31N: Social Networks

SOC 45Q: Understanding Race and Ethnicity in American Society (CSRE 45Q)

SOC 102A: Social Inequality in Israel (CSRE 132A, JEWISHST 132A)

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