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SOC 358: Sociology of Immigration

Topics vary each quarter but may include: theories and processes of migration and immigrant incorporation; historical and contemporary perspectives on race, ethnicity, and immigration; immigration law and policy; transnationalism; nations and nationalism.
Terms: Win | Units: 5
Instructors: Asad, A. (PI)

SOC 359: Organizations and Uncertainty

Organizations and environments characterized by institutional uncertainty. Beliefs at the roots of shared routines and institutional myths are absent. Institutionalists and neo-institutionalists, organizations facing uncertain institutional environments.
Last offered: Winter 2016

SOC 361: Social Psychology of Organizations

This seminar focuses on social psychological theories and research relevant to organizational behavior. It reviews the current research topics in micro-organizational behavior, linking these to foundations in cognitive and social psychology and sociology. Topics include models of attribution, decision making, emotion, coordination, influence and persuasion, and the psychology of power and culture. Prerequisites: Enrollment in a PhD program. graduate-level social psychology course.
Last offered: Winter 2020

SOC 361W: Workshop: Networks and Organizations (EDUC 361)

For students doing advanced research. Group comments and criticism on dissertation projects at any phase of completion, including data problems, empirical and theoretical challenges, presentation refinement, and job market presentations. Collaboration, debate, and shaping research ideas. Prerequisite: courses in organizational theory or social network analysis.
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr | Units: 1-3 | Repeatable for credit
Instructors: Powell, W. (PI)

SOC 362: Organization and Environment

This seminar considers the leading sociological approaches to analyzing relations of organizations and environments, with a special emphasis on dynamics. Attention is given to theoretical formulations, research designs, and results of empirical studies. Prerequisite: Enrollment in a PhD program.
Last offered: Autumn 2018

SOC 363A: Seminar on Organizational Theory (EDUC 375A, MS&E 389)

The social science literature on organizations assessed through consideration of the major theoretical traditions and lines of research predominant in the field. For PhD students only.
Last offered: Autumn 2019

SOC 363B: Seminar on Organizations: Institutional Analysis (EDUC 375B)

Seminar. Key lines of inquiry on organizational change, emphasizing network, institutional, and evolutionary arguments.
Last offered: Spring 2008

SOC 366A: Organizational Ecology (OB 601)

This seminar examines theoretical and methodological issues in the study of the ecology of organizations. Particular attention is given to the dynamics that characterize the interface between organizational populations and their audiences.
Last offered: Winter 2016

SOC 367: Institutional Analysis of Organizations

Reading and research on the nature, origins, and effects of the modern institutional system. Emphasis is on the effects of institutional systems on organizational structure.
Last offered: Winter 2009

SOC 367A: Graduate Seminar on Organizations and Networks

This graduate seminar surveys recent developments in research activities at the intersection of organizations and networks. The goals of the seminar are to examine ongoing research activities, related theoretical ideas and research design, and to identify unresolved intellectual problems for future research. Topics include: (1) networks within organizational hierarchy; (2) inter-organizational networks such as strategic alliance and knowledge diffusion; (3) models of hierarchical networks.
Last offered: Spring 2017
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