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SIW 105: Education Policy

This seminar has three primary goals: 1) introduce today¿s major education policy issues; 2) investigate the ways education policy questions are addressed at the federal level, and by implication, the state and local levels; and 3) develop skills to develop and recommend appropriate policy options and solutions. You will become familiar with major education policy questions and over the course of the quarter, analyze these issues, consider policy options, and provide written and oral support for possible solutions.
Terms: Sum | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: GER:EC-AmerCul

SIW 159: Purposeful Advocacy: The Making of Monuments

Purposeful Advocacy provides a practitioner's insights regarding ongoing climate, conservation and resource debates, as well as other contemporary political events (e.g., The American Jobs Plan, the January 6 Commission, etc). nThis course does not teach how things are supposed to work - instead we provide a window into how things do (and don't) work in Washington. The lessons are drawn from personal experiences from the instructors two decades working in Washington as a Congressional Science Fellow, Congressional staffer, and lobbyist. nWe will review and analyze some historic advocacy campaigns and dissect others as they make the front page of the The Washington Post during the quarter. We evolve the syllabus to accommodate your interests and dynamic happenings in DC. nOur sessions typically include a review of ongoing activities in the House and Senate and executive branch agencies (including topics well beyond the title of the course). We also invest time discussing how your internship and other coursework fits in the bigger DC ecosystem.
Terms: Sum | Units: 5

SIW 160: Policy in an Era of Polarization and Covid-19: Challenges to Governing and Ethical Decision-Making

This seminar will explore the intertwining of several key challenges inherit in policy making while analyzing the effects of polarized politics and the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing upon an array of disciplines and approaches, our weekly meetings will be a series of conversations with individuals from the worlds of policy and politics. Collectively, we will seek to understand connections, systemic constraints and to formulate potential policy and political responses. Students will have the option to pursue a capstone project for additional units, based upon research conducted with the guidance of one of the instructors.
Terms: Sum | Units: 5

SIW 245: Art, Business & the Law (ARTHIST 245)

This course examines art at the intersection of business and the law from a number of different angles, focusing on how the issues raised by particular case studies, whether legal, ethical and/or financial, impact our understanding of how works of art circulate, are received, evaluated and acquire different meanings in given social contexts. Topics include the design, construction and contested signification of selected war memorials; the rights involved in the display and desecration of the American flag; censorship of sexually charged images; how the value of art is appraised; institutional critique and the art museum, among others.
Terms: Sum | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: WAY-A-II
Instructors: Troy, N. (PI)
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