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BIOS 221: Modern Statistics for Modern Biology (STATS 366)

Application based course in nonparametric statistics. Modern toolbox of visualization and statistical methods for the analysis of data, examples drawn from immunology, microbiology, cancer research and ecology. Methods covered include multivariate methods (PCA and extensions), sparse representations (trees, networks, contingency tables) as well as nonparametric testing (Bootstrap, permutation and Monte Carlo methods). Hands on, use R and cover many Bioconductor packages. Prerequisite: Minimal familiarity with computers. Instructor consent. Cross-listed as STATS 366.
Terms: Sum | Units: 3

BIOS 258: Ethics, Science, and Society

This discussion focused Ethics, Science, and Society interactive mini course will engage Biosciences graduate students and faculty in learning and conversations on topics in responsible research (including animal subjects, authorship, collaboration, conflicts of interest, data management, human subjects, mentor-mentee relationships, peer review, publication, research misconduct, and social responsibility) and diversity in science, informed by readings, case studies, individual reflections, and more. Some of the driving themes in this course include: what it means to do research well and how to and not to achieve this, why doing research well and with integrity is important, and who are researchers currently and who should they be.
Terms: Win, Sum | Units: 1

BIOS 261: Plant anatomy and cellular structure: fundamental concepts to interpret data

Plant anatomy and cell biology. This two-week mini course will introduce the cell types of major organ systems in flowering plants through lectures and readings. Classic and modern techniques to highlight plant cell structures and dynamic processes such as changes in hormone concentration and microtubule dynamics will be presented in laboratory sections immediately following each lecture. Limited to 8 registered students. Graduate students only. Course is not open to undergraduates.
Terms: Sum | Units: 2
Instructors: Walbot, V. (PI)
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