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JAPAN 60: Asian Arts and Cultures (ARTHIST 2)

JAPAN 82N: Joys and Pains of Growing Up and Older in Japan

JAPAN 117: Humanities Core: Love and Betrayal in Asia (CHINA 117, HUMCORE 21, KOREA 117)

JAPAN 118: Humanities Core: Everybody Eats: The Language, Culture, and Ethics of Food in East Asia (CHINA 118, HUMCORE 22, KOREA 118)

JAPAN 119: Humanities Core: Technology and Media in Modern Japan (HISTORY 194G, HUMCORE 23)

JAPAN 121: Translating Japan, Translating the West (JAPAN 221)

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JAPAN 138: Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture (JAPAN 238)

JAPAN 151: Japanese Business Culture and Systems (JAPAN 251)

JAPAN 157S: Tyranny and Resistance: East Asia's Political Culture and Tradition (CHINA 157S, KOREA 157S)

JAPAN 158: Premodern in Modern Japanese Literature (JAPAN 258)

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