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SOC 267A: Asia-Pacific Transformation (SOC 167A)

No schedule information

SOC 268: Global Organizations: The Matrix of Change (PUBLPOL 168, PUBLPOL 268, SOC 168)

SOC 270: Classics of Modern Social Theory (SOC 170)

SOC 271: Organizational Analysis (EDUC 288)

SOC 273: Gender and Higher Education: National and International Perspectives (EDUC 173, EDUC 273, FEMST 173, SOC 173)

No schedule information

SOC 277D: Economic Elites in the 21st Century (SOC 177D)

No schedule information

SOC 278: Introduction to Computational Social Science (MS&E 231)

SOC 279: Law, Order & Algorithms (MS&E 330)

SOC 280A: Foundations of Social Research (CSRE 180A, SOC 180A)

SOC 280B: Introduction to Data Analysis (CSRE 180B, SOC 180B)

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