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ANTHRO 213: Culture and Epigenetics: Towards A Non-Darwinian Synthesis (ANTHRO 113, ARCHLGY 113)

No schedule information

ANTHRO 214: Rights and Ethics in Heritage (ANTHRO 114, ARCHLGY 114)

No schedule information

ANTHRO 215: The Social life of Human Bones (ANTHRO 115, ARCHLGY 115)

ANTHRO 216: Data Analysis for Quantitative Research (ANTHRO 116)

ANTHRO 216B: Anthropology of the Environment (ANTHRO 116B)

ANTHRO 219: Zooarchaeology: An Introduction to Faunal Remains (ANTHRO 119, ARCHLGY 119)

No schedule information

ANTHRO 222A: Decolonizing Archaeology (ANTHRO 122A, ARCHLGY 122A, ARCHLGY 222A)

ANTHRO 223: Ethical Life with Strangers: Sociality and Civility (ANTHRO 123)

ANTHRO 224B: Environmental Justice and Anthropology (ANTHRO 124B)

ANTHRO 225A: Critical Mapping Methods in Archaeology (ANTHRO 125A, ARCHLGY 125A, ARCHLGY 225A)

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