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JAPAN 20: Humanities Core: Dao, Virtue, and Nature -- Foundations of East Asian Thought (CHINA 20, HUMCORE 20, KOREA 20)

JAPAN 123: Critical Translation Studies (COMPLIT 228, JAPAN 223)

JAPAN 158: A Critical and Historical Survey of Classical Japanese Literature (JAPAN 258)

JAPAN 164: Introduction to Premodern Japanese (JAPAN 264)

JAPAN 186: Theme and Style in Japanese Art (ARTHIST 186, ARTHIST 386, JAPAN 286)

JAPAN 193: Acquisition of Japanese as a Second Language (JAPAN 293)

JAPAN 198C: Senior Research (Capstone Essay)

JAPAN 198H: Senior Research (Honors Thesis)

JAPAN 199: Individual Reading in Japanese

JAPAN 200: Directed Reading in Japanese

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