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OSPSANTG 1A: Accelerated First-Year Spanish, Part 1: Chilean Emphasis

OSPSANTG 1S: First-Year Spanish, 1st Quarter: Chilean Emphasis

OSPSANTG 2A: Accelerated First-Year Spanish, Part 2: Chilean Emphasis

OSPSANTG 3S: First-Year Spanish, 3rd Quarter: Chilean Emphasis

OSPSANTG 12S: Accelerated Second-Year Spanish, Part I: Chilean Emphasis

OSPSANTG 13S: Accelerated Second-Year Spanish, Part II: Chilean Emphasis

OSPSANTG 20: Comparative Law & Society: Conflicts in the Structuring of Democratic Polities across Latin America

OSPSANTG 29: Sustainable Cities: Comparative Transportation Systems in Latin America

OSPSANTG 33: Spanish Language Tutorial

OSPSANTG 40: Academic Internship

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