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HISTORY 232E: Crooks, Quacks, and Courtesans: Jacobean City Comedy (ENGLISH 240A, ENGLISH 340A, HISTORY 332E)

HISTORY 232G: Early Modern Cities (HISTORY 332G)

HISTORY 233C: Two British Revolutions (HISTORY 333C)

HISTORY 235F: Camus (CSRE 129, FRENCH 129)

HISTORY 237D: The French Revolution and the Birth of Modern Politics (HISTORY 337D)

HISTORY 237G: Outer Space Exploration in Germany in the Twentieth Century (GERMAN 275)

HISTORY 238D: Germany and the World Wars, 1870-1990 (HISTORY 338D, JEWISHST 288D, JEWISHST 388D)

HISTORY 238J: The European Scramble for Africa: Origins and Debates

HISTORY 238K: Vox Populi: Populism and its Origins (GERMAN 248, GERMAN 348, HISTORY 338K)

HISTORY 239C: Humanities Core: Great Books, Big Ideas -- Europe, Modern (DLCL 13, FRENCH 13, HUMCORE 13, PHIL 13)

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