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SOC 193: Undergraduate Teaching Apprenticeship

SOC 194: Computational Undergraduate Research

SOC 196: Senior Thesis

SOC 202: Junior Seminar: Preparation for Research

SOC 204: Capstone Research Seminar

SOC 205: Education and Inequality: Big Data for Large-Scale Problems (EDUC 107, EDUC 207, SOC 107E)

No schedule information

SOC 205VP: Contested markets in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest (EARTHSYS 205VP, SOC 105VP)

No schedule information

SOC 211: State and Society in Korea (INTNLREL 143, SOC 111)

SOC 214: Economic Sociology (SOC 114)

SOC 217A: China Under Mao (SOC 117A)

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