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HISTORY 1A: Global History: The Ancient World (CLASSICS 76)

HISTORY 1B: Global History: The Early Modern World, 1300 to 1800

HISTORY 1C: Global History: The Modern Age

HISTORY 3: The Historical and Geographical Background of Current Global Events

HISTORY 3A: Making Palestine Visible (COMPLIT 42, CSRE 3A)

HISTORY 3B: Trans History: The Long View (FEMGEN 3B)

HISTORY 3C: Talking About Jews (JEWISHST 3C)

HISTORY 3D: Dangerous Ideas (ARTHIST 36, EALC 36, ENGLISH 71, MUSIC 36H, PHIL 36)

HISTORY 3E: Michelle Obama in American Culture (AFRICAAM 3E, AMSTUD 3E, CSRE 3E, FEMGEN 3E)

HISTORY 4: Introduction to Geospatial Humanities (HISTORY 104)

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