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HISTORY 180: The Ottoman Empire: Conquest, Coexistence, and Coffee (HISTORY 80)

HISTORY 181B: Formation of the Contemporary Middle East

HISTORY 182C: Making of the Islamic World, 600-1500

HISTORY 182G: Making Palestine Visible (COMPLIT 82, COMPLIT 182, CSRE 82G, HISTORY 82G)

HISTORY 185B: Jews in the Contemporary World: Faith and Ethnicity, Vulnerability and Visibility (CSRE 185B, HISTORY 385C, JEWISHST 185B, REES 185B)

HISTORY 190: Early Chinese Thought (HISTORY 90)

HISTORY 193: The Chinese Empire from the Mongol Invasion to the Boxer Uprising (CHINA 183, FEMGEN 193)

HISTORY 194B: Japan in the Age of the Samurai

HISTORY 194G: Humanities Core: Technology and Media in Modern Japan (HUMCORE 23, JAPAN 119)

HISTORY 195: Modern Korean History (HISTORY 395)

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