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PWR 1SC: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Banksy, B-girls, and the Rhetoric of Public Art

In the 21st century, public art is opening up: the 'hero-on-a-horse' is in decline, and hulkingly abstract metal sculptures are no longer commissioned for each urban plaza. In this class, we'll investigate together what public art might mean now. For example, should it made by a public or for a public, or in public places, or with public funding, or because of its political value in the public sphere? Who owns it, where does it belong, and what are its limits? Can public art be illegal, temporary, intangible, or created by people who don't even think of themselves as artists? For more information about PWR 1, see For full course descriptions, see Enrollment is handled by the PWR office.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: Writing 1
Instructors: ; Schwartz, S. (PI)
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