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PWR 1SC: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Radical Acts of Art in Public: Rhetoric and Artivism

PWR 1 courses focus on developing writing and revision strategies for rhetorical analysis and research-based arguments that draw on multiple sources. This class takes up the theme of public art as political action. Exploring the work of contemporary artist-activists from zines to monuments, hip-hop, photo-portraits, and street art, we will investigate what solidarity looks like. How does public art challenge us to reconsider public space, 'the public good' and who 'the public' might be? For course videos and full descriptions, see Enrollment is handled by the PWR office. Cardinal Course certified¿by the Haas Center.
Terms: Aut, Win | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: Writing 1
Instructors: ; Schwartz, S. (PI)
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