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PHYSICS 93SI: Beyond the Laboratory: Physics, Identity, and Society

Beyond its laws and laboratories, what can physics teach us about society and ourselves? How do physicists¿ identities impact the types of scientific questions that are asked throughout history? And who do we call a physicist? This course seeks to address questions such as these, with an eye to understanding how physics relates to history, politics, and our own identities as young researchers. Students will develop a broader appreciation for where physics comes from, how it relates to themselves, and how they can shape its future. No prior knowledge of physics is necessary; all voices are welcome to contribute to the discussion about these big ideas. As an optional addendum to 93SI, students can participate in POISE (Physics Outreach through Inclusive Science Education), an intensive spring break program in which the themes discussed during the course will be explored in more depth. During POISE, students will develop short workshops for high school students that are geared towards making Physics interesting and accessible. In addition, we will take frequent off-campus trips to Bay Area national labs, museums, companies, the beach, camping sites, and more! Our intention is to create a retreat-style experience in which students can learn more about themselves and each other as Physicists, and put their knowledge to good use in the classroom. Those wishing to participate in the spring break component should apply here,, and expect to be enrolled in 2 units. Those who are interested in only the course component should apply here,, and expect to be enrolled in 1 unit.
Terms: Win | Units: 1-2 | Grading: Satisfactory/No Credit
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