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OBGYN 304A: Inpatient Gynecology Clerkship

Selective 2. Open to visitors. Exposes students to advanced care of benign gynecologic diseases in the inpatient and operative settings with full-time faculty and community physicians at Stanford University Medical Center. Students should expect to be involved in inpatient care and consultations surgical cases, Emergency Room consultations and outpatient visits. Students participate in departmental teaching, lectures, and grand rounds, and are expected to present a case discussion highlighting a notable clinical experience or topic. Note: Visiting students contact Gloria King, Residency Administrator, for application approval ( Interested students must send their CV, USMLE score(s), current transcript and a letter of recommendation from their Ob/Gyn Clerkship Director attesting to clinical abilities (i.e. proficient H&Ps and exam skills) at least 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the period in which the student would like to enroll. Prereq: Gynecology 300A, C, or D. Periods Avail: 1-12, full-time for two weeks or four weeks (4 weeks recommended). 1 student per period. nReporting Instructions: Where: Upon acceptance of your application, please contact coordinator to obtain detailed information; Time: 8:00 am. Units: 3. Call Code: 0. Director: Lisa Rogo-Gupta, M.D. Other Faculty: D. Atashroo, P. Blumenthal, B. Chen, J. Conti, W.K. Fok, L. Goldthwaite, P. Hillard, M. Hugin, D. Lum, L. Millheiser, K. Mishra, N. Reiners, K. Shaw, E. Sokol, M. Solone, L. Tran, A. Voedisch, J. Wachtel. Coord: Jennifer Nguyen 650-725-5986, 300 Pasteur, Room G304, Stanford, CA 94305. (SUMC)
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 3-6 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Medical School MD Grades
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