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EMED 308A: Bedside Ultrasound Clerkship

Open to visitors. Diagnostic bedside ultrasound (US) has become increasingly utilized and useful in multiple medical specialties, with emergency medicine in the forefront of its use. This rotation is designed to introduce bedside ultrasound to the clinical medical student, and provide more in-depth and hands-on familiarity with bedside US for a variety of modalities. These skills will better equip students to use these techniques right at the bedside of any patient in the emergency room or on the floors with greater facility and confidence. It will enhance patient diagnosis and management, procedural guidance, and patient satisfaction. It may even save a life! Primary emphasis will be on developing competent technical skills to enhance image acquisition and interpretation. The applications as defined by the American College of Emergency Medicine will be the main focus. A goal for a minimum number of ultrasound scans will be 25 per application including, eFAST, thoracic, renal, RUQ, aorta, limited ECHO and IVC, first trimester pelvic, DVT, orbital, MSK. Other advanced ultrasound applications will also be introduced (Testicular, airway, bladder, nerve blocks). Students will obtain US images in the Stanford emergency department and will have all imaging formally reviewed by an US fellowship trained emergency medicine faculty. Images will be obtained during work shifts, when one of the US EM faculty are working in the ED, during when students will scan appropriate patients and review images with the faculty member onsite. They will also have scan shifts, when an US EM faculty will teach/scan with the student in the emergency department, this is a 1:1 session. Students will attend Bedside US didactics offered by an US EM faculty member every Thursday morning, followed by 4 hours of QA review of Ultrasound scans performed in the ED. Students will have access and be expected to participate in online and computer based learning that will be provided for them as well. A multiple choice test will be given at the end of the rotation. This clerkship requires prior approval by Clerkship Director. Dr. Nick Ashenburg Prereq: Complete pre-clinical training. Periods Avail: 3-12 for 2 or 4 weeks. 2 students per period. Reporting Instructions: Where: TBA; Time: 8:00 am. Units: 3 or 6. Call Code: 0.Director: Deborah Kimball, M.D. Other Faculty: K. Anderson, L. Gharahbaghian, V. Lobo, P. Perera, C. Poffenberger, and S. Williams. nCoord: Hienock Habte (650-736-8842), (SUMC)
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 3-6 | Grading: Medical School MD Grades
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