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UROL 308B: Urology Clerkship

Selective 1. Open to visitors. Provides an excellent and unique opportunity for a student to become independent and proficient at clinical skills. The student will be actively involved with responsibilities in the operating room, the outpatient clinic and the inpatient ward. The clerkship emphasizes common benign and malignant diseases of the genitourinary tract in adults. In addition to broad exposure to the field of urology, special emphasis is placed on causes and treatment of urinary tract obstruction in the adult, urinary stone disease, genitourinary oncology, and management of neurogenic bladder and its complications in the spinal cord injured patient. General aspects of preoperative evaluation, operative and postoperative care of the surgical patient are also emphasized, and as such, this is an excellent first surgical rotation. In addition to the clinical experiences, there are weekly conferences in GU Radiology, GU Pathology, GU Oncology, as well as didactic sessions on selected topics in urology throughout the course. Please note: This is not a Sub-I clerkship. Periods Avail: 1-16, full-time for three weeks. 1 student per period. Reporting Instructions: Where: PAVAMC, (Contact Chief Resident in Urology and call Dr. Liao one week prior); Please contact Taranjit Bains ( to get the contact information for the chief resident. Time: TBD by chief resident. Units: 6. Call Code: 0. Director: Joseph Liao, M.D. (650-858-3916). Other Faculty: J. Lavelle, J. Leppert,, J. Liao, S. Conti. Coord: Taranjit Bains ( (PAVAMC)
Terms: Aut, Win, Spr, Sum | Units: 5 | Grading: Medical School MD Grades
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