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SOC 114: Economic Sociology (SOC 214)

(Graduate students register for 214.) The sociological approach to production, distribution, consumption, and markets, emphasizing the impact of norms, power, social structure, and institutions on the economy. Comparison of classic and contemporary approaches to the economy among the social science disciplines. Topics: consumption, labor markets, organization of professions such as law and medicine, the economic role of informal networks, industrial organization, including the structure and history of the computer and popular music industries, business alliances, capitalism in non-Western societies, and the transition from state socialism in E. Europe and China.
Terms: Aut | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: GER:DB-SocSci, WAY-SI | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: ; Granovetter, M. (PI)

SOC 114D: Sociology of the Great Recession

The Great Recession (2007-2009), one of the most socially significant events of our time. This course will cover the economic, social, cultural, and political consequences of the recession. We will address its impact on: inequality; job prospects for college graduates; trust in the government; the 2012 presidential election; marriage; child birth; and immigration. We examine the rise of protest movements during the recession period, such as Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, and explore the idea of "class warfare". Class will feature several guest speakers and will focus on developing a general understanding of trends emerging in these events.
Terms: not given this year | Units: 5 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
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